April 5, 2021

Do I Need Acts of Nature Insurance Coverage?

Why do you need Acts of Nature car insurance coverage? So when one of the most devastating disasters strikes, you’re ready.

Do I Need Acts of Nature Insurance Coverage?

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility - and unpredictable risks including acts of nature.

That’s why we have car insurance. It’s a way to help us with financial protection in the event anything unexpected occurs---yes, even natural disasters, or “acts of nature.”

Acts of Nature (also known as, “Acts of God” or “force majeure”) is a type of insurance coverage designed to cover your vehicle against damage caused by natural disasters, including:

  • Typhoon and flooding
  • Hurricanes and heavy rains
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Earthquakes
  • Landslides
  • Animal damage

Worthwhile Coverage for Car Owners in the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country that is exposed to natural disasters that happen quite often and quite unpredictably. From volcanic explosions, flash floods, and typhoons, among others. Coverage like this is a very smart idea to add to your car insurance policy, especially if you live in a disaster-prone area. And because we can't always predict when the next catastrophe will strike, it's a good idea to have it.

Car Insurance Coverage Worth Getting

Acts of Nature coverage isn’t standalone insurance coverage and is added to your comprehensive insurance policy. Typically, the Acts of Nature coverage is an additional 30% to 40% of your annual insurance premium. Meaning, if your annual insurance premium is 15,000 pesos, your Acts of Nature coverage would range from 4,500 pesos to 6,000 pesos. Adding Acts of Nature coverage would give you total annual insurance premium of 19,500 to 21,000 pesos.

Sounds expensive? Actually, it isn't. Natural disasters like typhoons, which bring in high winds and flooding, earthquakes that topple structures, and even volcanic eruptions that blanket everything in acrid dust at the very least, are just some of the most damaging and least predictable dangers that can ever happen to you and your vehicle. The annual premium that you pay doesn't compare to the sudden financial burden you'll face if you don’t have the financial protection that Acts of Nature coverage offers.

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