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Dog bites

When Dogs Get Wild, How Will Liability Insurance Protect Me? Dogs are considered as “man’s best friend.” They keep us company when we are down and need companionship. We consider our furry friends as part of the family. We keep their vaccines updated, buy them clothes, and others. Dogs are territorial animals and will protect

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Pool drowning

How Will Home Insurance Protect Me From Drowning Incidents? Having a pool in your backyard can provide the ultimate fun and enjoyment during the summer season. But owning a pool carries with it a lot of responsibility. You want to make sure that your pool is safe to swim in. From the pool itself to

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My laptop got stolen

My Laptop Got Stolen in My Apartment, Will Renters Insurance Cover The Loss? As a renter, perhaps one of your primary concerns is the safety of your personal belongings such as a laptop. If your laptop gets lost in your unit, you might be wondering if your landlord will reimburse the amount of the laptop

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Personal liability under home insurance

A Guide To Personal Liability Coverage For most of us, the home is the safest place to be in. It is where we retire and rest after a busy day at work. It is where we spend quality time with the family and where we momentarily forget about our work. As such, it is a

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7 reasons to have motorcycle insurance

7 Reasons You Should Have Motorcycle Insurance Riding a motorcycle is a fun and convenient way to go around Metro Manila and nearby provinces. With a motorcycle, you can easily weave through heavy traffic and reach your destination in the quickest time possible. For this reason, the number of motorcycle units produced and sold has

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Motorcycle are closer to accidents

Motorcycles Are Closer To Accidents. Is Yours Insured? Motorcycle riders are aplenty these days. From food delivery riders to office workers, two-wheeled rides are a common place in the streets of Metro Manila and the provinces. According to Statista, there were 1.44 million motorcycle units sold in the Philippines in 2021, a 19% increase from

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Road assistance program

What If Your Car Breaks Down During An Out-of-Town Trip? Your Insurance Got You Covered! After a hectic schedule at work, you finally get your vacation leave approved. Now you can go out-of-town with your family. But all that excitement is temporarily halted because your car broke down in the middle of the expressway.  You

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Guide to car registration

Your Definitive Guide To Car Registration Renewal Owning a car entails a lot of responsibility and part of it is renewing your car registration. Once the three years initial registration of your car is over, you need to renew your car’s registration. The LTO mandates every car owner to renew their car registration every year

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Bail bonds on motorcar insurance

Here’s What You Need to Know About Bail Bond For Motorcar Insurance Driving a car entails a lot of responsibility. When you get involved in a car accident, part of that responsibility is shouldering any liability like injuries or damages that will occur during the accident.  If you get involved in a criminal act while

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