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Vehicle towing

Preparing Your Vehicle For Towing To The Nearest Repair Shop A car breaking down in the middle of the expressway can be frustrating for any driver. You know for yourself that you have done some preliminary checks before you left for your destination. The truth of the matter is that anything can happen on the

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What to know about rental income

Here’s What You Need To Know About Rental Income A rental business is a great way to make money from your real estate property. You can look forward to receiving a steady stream of active income. With the demand for real estate properties remaining stable, now is the time to venture into a real estate

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Transfer of ownership

Steps On How To Transfer Ownership Of Your Car Buying a second-hand car does not stop with the seller receiving your payment for their previously owned car. Yes, you already have the key and the car but there is one more thing you have to take care of: transfer of ownership. This is an important

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Different types of car insurance

A Guide To The Different Types of Car Insurance Just like a real estate property, your car is a major investment that you need to protect. Nowadays, we hear and see accidents happening here and there. For this reason, having car insurance has become a necessity. Getting involved in an accident is expensive when paid

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Don’t Look At Car Insurance As An Expense, It Is a Necessity

Don’t Look At Car Insurance As An Expense, It Is a Necessity Car insurance is everywhere. You see them on billboards, pop up on your Facebook feeds, and on your email. Insurance agents will also occasionally throw sales pitches at you in the shopping malls or even in the lobby of your office building. A

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Motorcycle Insurance: Stolen Motorcycle

If Your Motorcycle Is Stolen, Can You Easily Replace This? Motorcycles are a common sight in the streets of Metro Manila and surrounding areas.  The spike in the number of motorcycle units in the metropolis is fueled by the increase in the number of food delivery drivers as well as motorcycle ride apps like Angkas

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Ways To Protect Your Investments

Ways To Protect Your Investments Our house is a major investment. We work hard and save money to buy our dream property. For this reason, we need to protect our investment once we are able to acquire one from your hard-earned money. There are many risks associated with owning a house. Most of the time,

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Does your insurance cover your backride as well?

Does your insurance cover your backride as well? Motorcycles offer a convenient way to travel on the roads of the Philippines. It allows you to easily weave through heavy traffic. But as convenient as it is, motorcycle accidents go down as one of the most fatal that drivers can be involved in. The Metropolitan Manila

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Document Services

Assurance.PHdocument Services Owning a car entails a lot of paperwork. It can be a hassle on your part as you would have to spend a day or two to process the documents. But why go through all the hassle when you can do it virtually? Here at Assurance.PH, we value your time and also understand

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