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Homeowner’s Insurance

Even Lightning Can Strike Your House​ Lightning struck your house? You never knew it was possible. Now everything you worked hard for is in ashes. How will you recover your investment? If only you were prepared, you wouldn’t be worrying much right now. If only you had homeowner’s insurance. As the chances of a lightning

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Give your family vital cover during the pandemic

GIVE YOUR FAMILY VITAL COVER DURING THE PANDEMIC The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest health and economic challenges that the Philippines has faced in the last few years.  It has resulted in businesses closing and laying off employees. The pandemic has also claimed the lives of millions of Filipinos especially those who have

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Car Insurance Explained

CAR INSURANCE EXPLAINED Getting a car insurance policy should be on every car owner’s mind. Here’s a simple guide on how to understand the terms. Getting a car insurance policy should be on every car owner’s mind. Accidents on the road can happen at any time. Chances are you could incur expenses like repairs to

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No Deductible? No Depreciation? Get Your Car Insurance from Assurance.PH!

NO DEDUCTIBLE? NO DEPRECIATION? GET YOUR CAR INSURANCE FROM ASSURANCE.PH! In most auto insurance policies, the policyholder will shoulder the deductible and depreciation when filing a claim. But what if we told you about a special offer from Standard Insurance that makes it possible to secure a “no depreciation” and “zero deductible” car insurance policy?

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NCR Alert Level 4: What You Need To Know

NCR ALERT LEVEL 4: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW​ The surge of new cases has pushed the government to put the National Capital Region under Alert Level 4. But what exactly is it? Here’s what you need to know. Starting today, September 16, 2021, the National Capital Region (NCR) will be placed under Alert Level

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What Do I Need To Prepare to File an Auto Insurance Claim?

WHAT DO I NEED TO PREPARE TO FILE AN AUTO INSURANCE CLAIM? Read on as Assurance.Ph lists down the documents you need to prepare for your car insurance claim. Your Basic Claim Documents and the Other Requirements Based on the Type of Claim When you become involved in a road incident, you need to remember

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What Should Your Insurance Broker Do For You?

WHAT SHOULD YOUR INSURANCE BROKER DO FOR YOU? What is an insurance broker? Assurance.Ph finds what a broker can do for you and how it differs from an insurance agent. Let us get it out at the very start: The terms we will be discussing here are insurance industry terms, or jargon. These are used

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Is Car Insurance An Expense? Here’s Why It’s Not.

Is Your Auto Insurance An Added Expense or An Unrecognized Asset? Most Filipino drivers think of auto insurance as an added expense. If it wasn’t a prerequisite for renewing our car registrations, we wouldn’t have second thoughts about getting it. It doesn’t provide any gratification the way a new pair of shoes does. It’s not

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