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NCR APORs: Who Is Allowed In and Out of the ECQ Zone?

NCR APORS: WHO IS ALLOWED IN AND OUT OF THE ECQ ZONE? With the NCR ECQ starting on August 6, 2021, people are wondering about a lot of things, including who may move around during the lockdown. Today, August 6, 2021, the National Capital Region (NCR) will enter the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) once more,

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COVID-19 Cash Assistance for You and Your Family with CVDA

COVID-19 CASH ASSISTANCE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WITH CVDA Every ounce of preparation and foresight helps protect your family during these times of COVID-19. To add a bit more, Assurance.Ph introduces CVDA Cash Assistance. In these uncertain times, it is important that you make sure that you and your family are safe and protected.

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NCR Back Under ECQ From August 6 to 20, 2021

NCR BACK UNDER ECQ FROM AUGUST 6 TO 20, 2021 It’s another hard lockdown for those living in the National Capital Region (NCR). Metro Manila will be placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) from August 6 to 20. It’s another hard lockdown for those living in the National Capital Region (NCR). Metro Manila will be

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Why Do I Need Residential Coverage for My Home?

WHY DO I NEED RESIDENTIAL COVERAGE FOR MY HOME? As a homeowner, you’d want to secure your home against natural disasters & accidents. Assurance can help with residential cover. Your home is one of the most valuable assets that you have. And as a homeowner, if you want to protect it and keep it safe

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ALERT: Avoid Driving Through These Areas Now

ALERT: AVOID DRIVING THROUGH THESE AREAS NOW Need to ride today? Watch out for these flooded areas around Metro Manila and go only when you really have to. Ride safe and keep an eye on news updates. The rainy season didn’t waste any time making its presence felt this year. Even though Fabian is in

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Anti-Red Tape Authority Wants To Remove TPL for Registration. Here’s Why.

ANTI-RED TAPE AUTHORITY WANTS TO REMOVE TPL FOR REGISTRATION. HERE’S WHY. Should Third Party Liability Insurance no longer be required when renewing your registration? Before you answer that, you have to remember that the Anti-Red Tape Authority’s proposal covers those already with Comprehensive Insurance. With that in mind, is it a fair move? Jeremiah B.

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What is Roadside Assistance?

WHAT IS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE? On the road, car breakdowns are inevitable. What do you do when that happens? Assurance.Ph shows why roadside assistance coverage is a big help. >> Learning how to cope when you experience a car breakdown on the road is one of the biggest lessons you learn as a driver and car

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Guide for First-Time Drivers and Newbie Car Owners

GUIDE FOR FIRST-TIME DRIVERS AND NEWBIE CAR OWNERS Driving and owning a car for the first time? Assurance.Ph puts together a list of things to do before you go roarin’ down the highway. Read on. >> First-time driver and newbie car owner? If you’ve got a parent, sibling, close relative, or spouse who can walk

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PHIVOLCS: Taal Volcano Alert Raised to Level 3

PHIVOLCS: TAAL VOLCANO ALERT RAISED TO LEVEL 3 PHIVOLCS raises Taal Volcano to Alert Level 3 after it generated a short phreatomagmatic eruption, at 3:16 pm, earlier this afternoon. The key concern is the widespread health effects of volcanic smog. PHIVOLCS Records Eruption Accompanied by Elevated Sulfur Dioxide Emissions A phreatomagmatic eruption was observed from

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