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COVID-19 Cash Assistance for You and Your Family with CVDA


Every ounce of preparation and foresight helps protect your family during these times of COVID-19. To add a bit more, Assurance.Ph introduces CVDA Cash Assistance.

In these uncertain times, it is important that you make sure that you and your family are safe and protected.

That’s where Assurance can help you. Assurance.Ph’s Coronavirus Disease Assistance (CVDA) is a 5-in-1 insurance plan that offers additional COVID-19 protection.

A 5-in-1 Protection Plan for You and Your Family

CVDA Assistance and Protection is an insurance plan that provides cash assistance to you and your family during these pandemic times. CVDA offers the following benefits starting for as low as Php 600 a year:

    • Covid-19 Cash Assistance (up to Php 300,000) – A lump sum benefit for your family for loss of life because of COVID-19
    • Dengue and Chikungunya Cash Assistance (up to Php 150,000) – A lump sum benefit for your family for loss of life because of either Dengue or Chikungunya infectious diseases
    • Hospital Income Benefit (up to Php 1,250 per day) – Daily cash assistance to replace lost income for every day of your hospitalization due to COVID-19 (for a maximum of 14 days confinement per calendar year)
    • Medical Reimbursement (up to Php 37,500) – Reimbursement of your expenses for medical treatment of injuries sustained during an accident
    • Accidental Death (up to Php 300,000) – A lump sum benefit for your family for loss of life as a result of an accident.

The CVDA Assistance and Protection plan is renewable every year, until the age of 75 years old. Meaning, everyone in your family is eligible for CVDA assistance enrollment.

How Do I Get My CVDA Protection Plan?

Getting your CVDA Assistance insurance plan is easy:

  • Through your Automart or Motomart Advisor. Ask your advisor about our CVDA Assistance plans and how you can maximize protection.
  • Through your Assurance Advisor. Making protection accessible during the pandemic is our goal. So while Assurance.Ph’s primary function is supporting its sister brands and their clients’ insurance and asset protection needs, we are offering CVDA Assistance plans to you regardless of whether you purchased a vehicle or not.
  • Go online and visit Assurance.Ph to know more about our CVDA Assistance plans.

What Are the Requirements for Getting CVDA?

Now, the requirements would depend on a lot of things; on whether you’re applying for a mortgage loan or not, where the residential property you’re looking to buy is located, among other things.

Don’t worry, your Assurance Advisor will be able to help you with that information and help walk you through them.

How Much Would CVDA Assistance Cost?

Depending on your budget and need, you may be able to get a CVDA Assistance plan for as low as Php 130 for semi-annual plans (six-month coverage) or at least Php 600 per year for our annual plans.

Annual Plans

AgePlan APlan BPlan B
1 to 64 years oldPhp 600Php 1,010Php 1,470
65 to 75 years oldPhp 900Php 1,650Php 2,250

Semi-Annual Plans (Six Months' Coverage)

AgePlan DPlan E
1 to 64 years oldPhp 200Php 130
65 to 75 years oldPhp 300Php 195

Note that these are the base prices of each plan. They may vary on a case to case basis so it’s best to please call your Assurance Advisor to get an accurate proposal for your needs.

Protective Measures To Take as the Country Battles COVID Resurgence

Getting your CVDA Assistance insurance plan? That’s great to hear! But even if you do get CVDA for yourself and your family, please do not forget that it’s still very important to continue practicing the pandemic protocols:

  • Avoid the Three C’s: Crowded Places, Confined Spaces; and Close-Contact Instances.
  • Stay AT Home. Or, if you really need to go outside, follow physical distancing protocols when going outside.
  • If you’re cleared got outside your home, wear a mask. Double-mask, if you can.
  • Low risk does not mean no risk. This is especially true for the COVID-19 Delta variant: it is 2x more contagious than any other variant; it spreads 50% faster and is 55% more easily transmissible; and 2.5x more likely to infect unvaccinated people (regardless of age), as well as kids and young people (adults under 50 years old).
  • Register and get vaccinated as soon as you can.

For more information, visit your LGU website, DOH, or the WHO Philippines page on how you can keep yourself and your family safe and secure during these uncertain times.

Assurance.Ph is your partner in providing financial protection for your vehicle and property—and now, you and your family. As we are expanding our array of protection products, we continue to work hard at making insurance (life and non-life) simple and easy-to-understand, answering inquiries you may have, and helping clients pick and purchase the plans that suit their needs and budgets.

Start a chat or call with one of your Assurance Advisors today at 0915 705 20310905 205 0402, or 0956 302 9631, or email us at to know more about our vehicle insurance prices and packages.

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