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Document Services

document Services

Owning a car entails a lot of paperwork. It can be a hassle on your part as you would have to spend a day or two to process the documents. But why go through all the hassle when you can do it virtually? Here at Assurance.PH, we value your time and also understand the importance of keeping documents in order. With our document services, we provide assistance in the processing of car-related paperwork. 

Services Offered

Assurance.PH offers the following document services:

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of ownership is a long and tedious process. Surely you would not want to drive your car around the country that is not under your name. Transferring ownership of a motor vehicle from the previous owner to you involves a lot of paperwork. Transfer of ownership can give you peace of mind. By transferring ownership, you free yourself from the responsibilities that you used to have as the previous owner of the vehicle. 


But before the vehicle can be transferred to the new owner, there are so many procedures that you have to undergo first. Here’s how the transfer of ownership process goes: 


  • Secure a PNP-HPG motor vehicle clearance. This is to certify that the vehicle is not in the list of wanted or stolen vehicles as of the issue date. This is proof that the car to be transferred is not carnapped or used in a crime. 

  • Submission of requirements to the LTO. Once cleared, you can now proceed to the LTO for submission of the following transfer of ownership requirements:

    • Motor vehicle clearance certificate, macro-etching report, special bank receipt 

    • Accomplished Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)

    • Insurance certificate of cover (COC)/endorsement of an insurance company that vehicle is covered 

    • Certificate of emission compliance, if the car is up for renewal

    • Photocopy of valid IDs of original and new owner 

    • LTO Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Registration Encumbered

    • Notarized Deed of Sale/Transfer/Conveyance    

  • Apply for Transfer of Ownership. Once all the requirements are complete, you can now proceed to the nearest LTO branch. Your vehicle will undergo inspection and emission testing. 

Assurance.PH frees you from having to go through all these procedures and eat up your time. For a fee of P17,500, we will take care of the processing without you breaking a sweat move back and forth to the different agencies to have the transfer facilitated. Our transfer of ownership service is on a non-appearance basis and include emission test and available nationwide. 

The Process

Here’s how the transfer process goes: 


1. Submit the following original documents 

  • Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration (OR/CR)

  • Cancellation of chattel mortgage

  • Certificate of sale from bank 

  • PNP clearance (to be secured and attached by our partner)

  • Stencil (to be secured and attached by our partner)

  • Deed of sale 

  • Dacion en Pago (Voluntary Surrender) or Certificate of sale 

  • IDs (Seller and Buyer) – with 3 specimen signatures 

  • Secretary Certificate (if registered name is under a company)


Send to Assurance.PH Optis Warehouse Blk 3 PCN-04-003404 corner of C, Delos Reyes Ave. Gateway Business Park, Brgy. Javalera, General Trias, Cavite  Please provide screenshot of courier bill of lading and send via Viber or email 


2. Send payments to Qmarketz Corporation through our bank accounts

BDO Acct # 0020-7801-3299

BPI Acct#  4441-0047-67


Receipts are issued by LTO and other entities : 


3. Wait for 30 days for the transfer to be completed


Registration Renewal

Your car registration has an initial validity of three years. Once it expires, you will then need to renew the registration every year at your nearest LTO office. Your renewal schedule is based on the last digit of your plate number which represents the month you need to renew the registration of your vehicle. The second number of your plate number meantime corresponds to the weekly deadline of your renewal. For example, if the plate number of your car is 123, your vehicle is up for renewal from the 8th to the 14th of March. 


Renewal of vehicle registration is just like the initial registration of your car. The only difference is that there is an inspection and emission test to secure a certificate of emission compliance. Once you are done with the inspection and emission test, Assurance.PH will take it from there. For P5,300, leave the renewal of your registration to us. Within 5 business days, you can rest assured that the renewal of your vehicle registration will be completed.

Cancellation of Encumbrance

If you have fully paid the monthly amortization of your car, you need to file for cancellation of encumbrance with the LTO. Most people assume that once their loan is fully paid, their mortgaged car is already theirs but it isn’t. You still need to cancel the encumbrance for you to become the full owner of the car. 

You can bank on the services of Assurance.PH in canceling your encumbrance. For a minimum of P1,800, our partners will process the cancellation so we can also proceed with transferring full ownership of your mortgaged car. The processing fee will depend on the RD office of the mother file. Processing of cancellation of encumbrance is 30 days. 

You can a bundled package of all three services for P20,000. For more information about our document services, you can contact Claudine Mayer (09157052031), Fritzie Salazar (09052050402), and Aileen Atienza (09563029631).

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