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Get Family Relief In Case Of Unfortunate Times

Death is one of the inevitable things in life. We just don’t know when it will come. But when death comes knocking at your door, are you and your family ready financially? When a tragic accident strikes, the first problem that your family will worry about is funeral and burial expenses. 

Burial and funeral expenses can be costly if taken out of pocket. Local funeral and burial costs can reach up to P2,073,000 while cremation can run from P58,250 to P705,000. For a breadwinner earning a monthly income of only P15,750, an untimely death could be costly for the family members he or she would leave behind. 

At Assurance.PH, we understand how financially challenging burial and funerals can be. Through our Family Relief package, we offer burial and funeral assistance due to accidental death. The package is offered to individuals from 1 to 70 years old for a 1-year coverage with an option to top-up additional benefits. Effectivity of coverage starts at 12 noon on the day after the purchase date.

What is The Family Relief Package?

With Family Relief package, policyholders will be entitled to the following benefits:


Burial Expense worth P500,000
Funeral Service Expense amounting to P200,000
Funeral Services assistance of P200,000
Burial Services worth P50,000
Casket or Urn Expense amounting to P100,000

The Family Relief package also offers the following optional benefits:

What Are The Exclusions?

Floral Arrangements for P50,000
Funeral clothes for deceased P25,000
Publication Expenses amounting to P50,000
Catering Expenses worth P100,000
Transportation Expenses valued at P25,000
Hotel accommodation expense amounting to P50,000
Additional Travel Expenses for family members abroad or out of town P50,000
Miscellaneous Expenses worth P25,000

Loss of Life Due to the following:

  • Infections (bacterial, viral, sickness, disease)
  • Medical or surgical treatment 
  • Miscarriage or pregnancy
  • Suicide
  • Murder and assault 
  • War, sabotage, rebellion 
  • Participation in amateur or professional athletics 
  • Influence of drugs or alcohol 
  • Negligence 
  • Any unlawful act

Performance of duty to the following occupations:

  • Actors/entertainers 
  • Airline crew 
  • Paramedics
  • Ammunition/fireworks/manufacturing 
  • Amusement workers
  • Building exterior cleaners
  • Civl engineering contractors 
  • Construction workers 
  • Film crew
  • Haulers 
  • Armed forces, security guards, etc 
  • Oil rig workers 
  • Involved in hazardous sports 
  • Seamen, fishermen, bargemen
  • Scrap dealers

How To File A Claim?

Here are the requirements that need to be submitted when filing a claim for the Family Relief package:

  1. Copy of Family Relief Insurance policy 
  2. Valid/Government Issued ID with picture and signature of the claimant or insured
  3. Certificate of Death (non-PSA will be acceptable)
  4. Police Report (as may be required)
  5. Autopsy report (as may be required)
  6. Post mortem record (if insured died in the hospital)
  7. Proof of relationship between insured and beneficiary 
    1. If spouse – original NSO marriage certificate
    2. If parent/child – original NSO birth certificate
    3. If sibling – Original NSO birth certificate of insured and beneficiary

Checks should be claimed by the beneficiary from the branch where he/she has submitted the required documents. 

One thing is for sure– our time will come when God will call us back  It may come at an unfortunate time so it is better to be prepared and leave something behind for your family to help them cope with your sudden loss. With Family Relief, you are assured that your family will be in good hands in their time of grief.

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