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How to Renew Your Car Insurance Policy in the Philippines

Three Things to Consider When Renewing Car Insurance

Renewing your auto insurance is an easier and shorter process than when you’re applying for a new policy or when transferring to another provider. Essentially, it follows the same process—but be ready to pay a higher premium (annual payment). Before you begin, here are three considerations you need to know:

Before You Renew, Review.

One of the biggest benefits of renewing your car insurance is being able to change some of the details or coverages in your insurance policy. But before you do, it’s best to review your current auto insurance policy:

  • Evaluate your current policy’s features, like:
  • Premium payment
  • Coverage limits
  • Add-on coverage,

to see if renewing your policy as it is is a good idea, or whether adding more coverage or even if switching to a different provider is a better idea.

  • Check and see if there is a need to increase certain coverage in your policy, like liability coverage, collision coverage, or personal protection, and more.
  • Check if you need to add coverage that you didn’t have before but may help cover you and your car from further financial risk.

When do you renew your car insurance policy?

Car insurance policies typically last for a year (and renewed annually). What steps do you need to take?

  • As early as you can, find out when your current policy ends. Ideally, you should start as early as 2-3 months before your policy deadline.
  • The easiest way is by checking the effective date of your policy. Or, call your agent.
  • After finding out when your policy ends, talk to your car insurance agent. Ask about the renewal process (or requirements are needed if you want to upgrade) your coverage.
  • Or, you may start canvassing for a new auto insurance provider.

Renewing Your Insurance

If you’re happy with your current insurance provider, then you’re golden, and renewing your insurance won’t take too long!

  1. Call your insurance agent about renewing your policy.
  2. Ask about any additional requirements you may need to submit especially if you decide to make some changes to your current policy.
  3. Don’t forget to ask for a breakdown of your policy renewal from your insurance agent before you sign or proceed. This will help if you want to ask questions or negotiate the terms of your policy renewal.

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