April 5, 2021

What Insurance Do I Need for My Motorcycle?

As motorcycle driving has risen, so have theft and accidents. Assurance.Ph shares why it’s important for drivers to have coverage.

What Insurance Do I Need for My Motorcycle?

The motorcycle purchases/sales have grown tremendously year on year.

Motorcycle driving in the Philippines is felt and seen at the highest levels in terms of sales and popularity. Motorcycles allow drivers to get from Point A to Point B in half the time it would take car drivers In urban settings, some motorists have shifted from driving a car to driving a motorcycle to primarily deal with the traffic that plagues Metro Manila and its neighboring cities.

Others have seen the benefit of using a motorcycle for their business, especially in this time of pandemic---from food and item deliveries, moving goods between borders (with proper documentation, of course), frontline worker commute, as well as navigating rough, small farm-to-market roads unreachable by other forms of transportation.

According to the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA), while there seems to be a surge in motorcycle sales due to more motorcycles out in the streets in the past 12 months, actual sales numbers show a drop of 33.3% in a side-by-side comparison of January to October 2020 (941,260 motorcycles) to the same period in 2019 (1,410,226 motorcycles).

How Insurance Can Provide Protection for Motorcycle Riders

The convenience and ease of moving around traffic have placed safety in the backseat.

With the rise in sales, comes a rise in other statistics---the number of theft, accidents and/or fatalities. Motorcycles move between street lanes without taking precautions or as much as looking at their immediate sides and may end up being side-swept by the next car. And who can forget scenes that show a motorcycle in the middle of the street horribly tucked underneath a car or SUV? Sadly, these have become a part of our daily drive in the metro and, sometimes, even in the suburbs.

Financial Protection Whenever You Ride Your Motorbike

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance can help cover you when the unexpected happens.

Motorcycles are very susceptible to two things: theft and exposure to damage. Motorcycles are easier to steal than cars and once yours was taken, the likelihood of retrieving it is next to nil.

Whether it’s because of a road accident or an act of nature, motorcycles end up experiencing more damage than any four-wheeled motorized vehicles. Repairs are more extensive; medical expenses and the likelihood of fatalities are even greater.

Coverage for Theft, Damages, and Medical Expenses

No one wants to file a claim resulting from theft or an accident, but if such an unfortunate incident does occur, then you know that you can recover the cost of your motorcycle, as well as be able to compensate a person or another property for any damage you may have caused.

In the same token, with comprehensive insurance, motorcyclists may now become responsible drivers and be able to compensate a party that they may have caused damage to. This is why it’s such a great thing that Assurance.ph offers financial protection to all motorcyclists out there who value their assets and hard-earned money.

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