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My laptop got stolen

My Laptop Got Stolen in My Apartment, Will Renters Insurance Cover The Loss?

As a renter, perhaps one of your primary concerns is the safety of your personal belongings such as a laptop. If your laptop gets lost in your unit, you might be wondering if your landlord will reimburse the amount of the laptop to you.  You may have some kind of protection from your landlord as their tenant but your personal property may not be covered by that insurance policy. 


This is where having renter’s insurance can make sense.  It will give you peace of mind that you will have the money to pay for your damaged or stolen laptop. Renter’s insurance provides protection for certain risks, known as “perils” like theft or fire. If you are planning to take out renter’s insurance, it is important to understand how it will cover your personal belongings. 

How Will Renter’s Insurance Cover My Laptop?

Renter’s insurance can help pay for repairs or replacement of your laptop in case of theft or damage. `It also has a personal property coverage that typically covers personal belongings that are damaged or destroyed by a covered risk known as perils. The covered risks will vary but will usually include fire, typhoons, lightning, and some water damage. 


The coverage of the renter’s insurance will depend on the maximum policy limits and the approved amount of coverage for electronic devices and other personal belongings. However, you will first need to pay the deductibles before you are reimbursed by your insurance provider for your covered loss. When it comes to laptop and other electronic devices, you have two options of coverage depending on your provider again: 


  • Actual Cash Value. This type of coverage takes depreciation into account. If your laptop is stolen or damaged, your insurance provider will reimburse you for the current value of the computer, which is most likely less than the replacement value. 
  • Replacement Cost. In this type of coverage, you can reimburse the amount of your laptop with an item of a similar make and model. The cost of reimbursement may be enough to purchase a similar model at its current price. 


It is also worth noting, however, that some insurance providers will offer limited coverage for expensive electronics like a laptop. Your agent will be able to explain the amount of coverage your insurance policy will cover for the laptop.

What Isn’t Covered By Renters Insurance On Your Laptop?

It is also worth noting that your devices may and may not be covered by your insurance policy. For instance, if you knock your phone off your desk, the cost of repairing the cracked screen will not be paid for by your insurance provider. If one of the parts breaks and stops working, renters insurance would not likely cover the costs as well. If it is still under warranty, chances are it will be covered by the manufacturer.  


In addition, the renter’s insurance would also not cover maintenance issues or negligence. If you already have one or is planning to get one, make sure that you understand what risks are covered and what aren’t. 

Tips For Caring For Your Laptop

A laptop is an expensive piece of device that can be damaged or break down due to wear and tear. Over time, you may need to replace the parts or buy a new one. In this article,we will provide you with some laptop care and maintenance tips. 


  1. Keep Drinks Away From Your Laptop


Drinks spilled on your laptop can damage its internal circuitry. To prevent this from happening, avoid using your laptop while drinking as much as possible. Water and other liquid beverages is the main enemy of the electronic components of your laptop.      


  1. Avoid Using Laptops On Your Mattress


For people who are working at home, using a laptop on a mattress can be comfortable. It may be for you but such practice can be damaging to your laptop. You may not know it but it can clog laptop airflow or the dust of the mattress can disrupt air circulation on your laptop. When the laptop’s heat dissipation area is clogged, it could cause the laptop to easily overheat.


  1. Clean The Laptop Screen Regularly   


For cleaning the laptop screen, you can consider buying a screen protector. This will protect your laptop screen from scratches. Use a cloth dampened with water for cleaning your laptop screen. 


  1. Be Careful In Downloading From The Internet  


Downloading software online increases the likelihood of virus attacks on your laptop. Do install an anti-virus database and always update it to the latest version. 


  1. Watch Your Laptop Temperature 


Most laptop owners do not pay attention to the operating temperature of their laptops. Using your laptop in high temperatures can cause it to overheat. 

  1. Don’t Use The Laptop Too Long 


Laptops are not like desktop computers that can work for 24 hours straight. Use the laptop when you need to. If not being used, do switch it off or put it to sleep. 


Laptops are expensive devices, If it gets lost or stolen, you may not have the money to buy a new one to replace the old unit. Having renter’s insurance can provide you with emergency funds that can cover the cost of the lost or stolen laptop. 

If you are a renter, you can secure your laptop or other personal belongings with an insurance policy. For more information about renter’s insurance, get in touch with an Assurance.PH advisor for further details at / 09157052031 or 09052050402.

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