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Personal liability under home insurance

A Guide To Personal Liability Coverage

For most of us, the home is the safest place to be in. It is where we retire and rest after a busy day at work. It is where we spend quality time with the family and where we momentarily forget about our work. As such, it is a place where we don’t expect an accident to happen. The sad news is that even on our own property, accidents can happen. 


You will never know it but someone could get bitten by your pet dog, slip on a slippery portion, or drown in your pool. In addition, a tree might be uprooted and fall on your neighbor’s or visitor’s car. When situations like these happen, will you be able to cover the costs or expenses you may incur in case you are held liable by another person? These scenarios do happen and you will need funds to cover these expenses. This is where personal liability for home insurance will come in.

What is Personal Liability?

Liability coverage is a must inclusion when buying home or renters insurance. As a responsible homeowner, you need to consider the risks associated with owning a property. With personal liability, your insurance company will pay for the cost of property damage or injury to a third party. It is your responsibility to ensure that your property or premises is safe. If you are renting, you may also want to consider buying personal liability as your landlord may not be offering such coverage for your visitors. 


If you are just an average person, the income you are earning may not be able to sufficiently cover the cost of any liability claim. Also keep in mind that most claims will not only include medical bills but also legal fees should the third party decide to sue you for the injuries or damages they sustained in your property. A home insurance protects you from all of these expenses 

Assurance.PH Has Got You Covered

An Assurance.PH homeowners insurance policy protects you from 3rd party liability due to negligence. We cover you for the costs that you may incur due to property damage and bodily injuries. Policy coverage extends to your family members and covers even liabilities outside the premises of your home. At Assurance.PH, we allow you to customize your coverage depending on your needs. It’s just like choosing toppings for your pizza pie, you have the option to add the ingredients to suit your preference.  Our home insurance will also provide the following benefits: 


  • Family Personal Accident.  Protection for you, your spouse, and children 24 hours 365 days for accidents wherever you are. You will receive benefits for accidental death, dismemberment and/or disablement, medical reimbursement, and burial expense. 
  • Family Hospitalization Insurance.  Comes with financial assistance, expenses for supplements, and other hospital expenses. This requires hospital confinement for you to avail of this benefit. Just submit a photocopy of hospital receipts to claim. 

Household Employee Insurance. You have a certain degree of responsibility to your household helper while they are living with you. With an Assurance.PH policy, they will receive personal accident, personal belonging, and daily cash benefit/hospital confinement 

Choosing The Right Provider

There are many insurance companies providing personal liability out there. How do you know which one you should do business with. Here are some tips to help you find an insurance company to partner with for your personal liability coverage. 


  • Company Reputation and History. Check the company website to get to know more about the insurance provider. Look for customer reviews and feedback to give you an idea if customers are happy doing business with them. 
  • Ease of Doing Business.  Is it easy to do insurance-related transactions with them? Can you file or submit claim requirements online? 

Discounts. Some insurance providers offer discounts and other promotions to new homeowners. It could help you save money on your insurance premiums. 

Tips On Finding Personality Liability Insurance

Every homeowner should consider buying personal liability coverage. Homeowners still have many liabilities that they must address if they occur. For example, your pet dog gets out of the cage and bites a visitor or someone drowns in your pool. This could be considered negligence on your part. For this reason, you need to find  the best coverage possible. Here are some tips on how to ensure you get the best personal liability coverage. 

1. Determine how much liability insurance you need. 

When you are held liable for damages or injuries to a third party, you can expect to pay hefty bills and fees which you may not be able to shoulder out of your pocket. Perhaps you will ask yourself: How much liability coverage do you need? Having additional items like a pool or trampoline can increase your liability as a homeowner. 


According to the Insurance Information Institute, swimming pools and trampolines are considered “attractive nuisances” which increases the risk of liabilities. They are excluded from homeowners insurance so you may have to pay extra for them.  Also, if you have exotic pets and certain dog breeds, they are also not included in your home insurance. Keep in mind that pet liability coverage is not pet insurance. The former covers damages or injuries caused by your pet to someone while the latter is a health plan for your pet. 

2. Consider Umbrella Insurance 

An umbrella insurance serves as an additional rider to your homeowners or renters insurance. Your coverage kicks in once you have consumed your personal liability coverage limit. Aside from additional limits, umbrella insurance offers broader coverage than standard policies. 


The cost of an umbrella insurance will depend on how much underlying insurance you have and how much of a risk you represent. The greater the underlying liability coverage you have, the cheaper the umbrella policy. Most insurance companies will require a minimum limit on your standard homeowners policy before you can get an umbrella insurance.

Being held liable for damages or injuries in your own backyard can be a hassle. Protect yourself and your family from liabilities with a personal liability for home insurance policy. Talk to an Assurance.PH advisor for further details at / 09157052031 or 09052050402.

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