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Give Some Love For Your Furry Friends With
Pet Insurance

Whether it’s a dog or cat, we consider pets as part of our family. We give them food and shelter. Pets can take away the stress of a long workday and provide us companionship. We love them so much that we sometimes provide them with clothing as well. But if you want to show them that you truly care for and love them, why not buy them pet insurance? 


But just like us, our pets can also get sick and their medical expenses can pile up. Paying the costs of medicines and confinement at the veterinary may be expensive if taken out of your pocket. This is where getting pet insurance can make sense because all the costs will be covered by the insurance company. Another benefit of pet insurance is that you may also be covered by the policy. 

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance works like regular life or health insurance. It keeps you from losing money due to unexpected pet-related expenses like veterinary bills, illness, accidents, and even burial expenses. Owning a pet has its own risks and as a pet owner, you know that it can also be expensive. Assurance.PH frees you from costly pet-related expenses while keeping you and your pet protected from accidents and injuries within the policy period.

Features of Pet Insurance

With an Assurance PH pet insurance, you and your furry friend will enjoy the following benefits:

Medical Reimbursement​

Assurance PH will reimburse any payment you have made for expenses that are medically necessary to treat or diagnose due to accidents or illnesses. We will cover the following expenses:

Laboratory tests
X-ray ultrasound, MRI and CT scan
Extraction of permanent broken tooth due to an accident
Veterinarian professional fees or charges


Owner’s Liability
We will pay for actual or any damages and costs incurred for legal liabilities to third party as a result of the actions of the insured pet while under your care.
Personal Accident
We offer personal accident insurance as an optional benefit. In the event of loss of life, disablement, and dismemberment as a direct result of an unforeseen and violent event arising within the policy period.

Requirements For Claim

1. Pet Baby Book/Veterinarian’s Records and certification on the illness or nature of treatment undertaken
2. Pedigree certificate and/or RFID or microchip scanned serial number
3. Original Receipt of Medical Treatment from the third party claimant
4. Prescription of the Veterinarian for Medical Treatment
5. Veterinarian’s certification on the health condition
6. Necropsy report (if death claim)
7. In case of euthanasia, veterinarian’s certification and reason for euthanizing the pet

Tips For Choosing A Pet Insurance Policy

When looking for a pet insurance policy, the price of the premium is not the only factor to consider. You also need to keep the following things in mind: 

1. The Age of Your Pet

Not all dogs are qualified to apply for pet insurance. Most insurance companies will need to meet a certain age requirement to become insurable. If your pet falls outside the age limit, your application will be rejected. It is worth noting, however, that there are still accompanies that may accept older pets. However, the insurance premium of older dogs may be more expensive. 

2. See If Your Pet is Insurable

Insurance companies vary on the kind of pet insurance they offer. For instance, some only focus on dogs while others accommodate only cats, gerbils, and snakes. Check with your prospective insurance company, if your pet is eligible to avail of insurance. It may not be practical to get comprehensive insurance for animals with shorter life spans, such as hamsters or rabbits.It is best to get a basic plan for these types of pets. 

3. Ask The Right Questions 

The costs involved in the medical treatment and the cost of veterinarian consultation is the primary reason you should get pet insurance. However, when seeking out an insurance company, you need to check if they offer the following: 

  • Number of confinements 
  • Dental coverage
  • Spraying and neutering coverage 
  • Breeding and pregnancy-related costs

4. Consider Other Risks 

When applying for pet insurance, you should look at other risks such as their susceptibility to congenital diseases and the possibility that they may be stolen. It may be worth expanding your insurance coverage as it does not cost that much. 

We consider pets as a member of our family. Hence, they should be given the same love and care we give to every family member. Providing them with the basic necessities is not enough but giving them pet insurance will protect them from future illnesses or accidents as well as the peace of mind that you don’t have to get money from your savings to pay for their medical or hospitalization.

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