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Top 4 Reasons Why Car Owners Avoid Getting Auto Insurance


Are you really saving if you don’t get car insurance? We don’t think so. Read on to know how drivers weasel their way out of getting it.

Is Not Getting Car Insurance Counterintuitive? It Should Be, But Not Many People Think So.

And there lies the crux of the problem: how do you weigh financial protection against potential road dangers and liabilities versus the perception of added expense?

No one wants to add another bill or monthly payment to their budget (especially at this time of the pandemic). That’s why it is understandable that some car owners may opt not to get car insurance. Then there’s the process of getting auto insurance; the car insurance prices that can be costly for some car owners, and many other considerations.

But at the end of the day, car insurance offers essential protection for you and your vehicle. Driving without auto insurance could result in a bad financial situation that may cost you hundreds of thousands of pesos

Top 4 Reasons Why Car Owners Avoid Getting Auto Insurance

Some people, even if they’re financially able, may still be against getting insurance for their vehicle, whether talking about vehicles with four or two wheels. Some don’t even consider purchasing a car insurance policy outright and will only give way when it’s absolutely necessary. Others justify not getting a policy and may come up with any of these top 4 reasons:

#1 “Mamaya na. Wala akong pera.” (I'll get to it later. I don’t have the money.)

This is a sensitive reason and a real and genuine concern. Especially for cash-strapped Filipinos who would purchase a vehicle (a motorcycle or small four-wheeled vehicle) as the primary source for their family income. Add other equally important obligations in and getting car insurance is an added expense that they may not be able to maintain on a regular fashion. There are also others who are dealing with other financial priorities such as caring for a loved one who has Covid-19 and requires the needed medical help.

Or, it can simply be a disregard. There are vehicle owners with the budget who do not see the value of insurance or state it simply to avoid having to get insurance for their vehicle, unmindful of the uncertainties they constantly face on the road.

#2 “Hindi yan totoo---scam ‘yan!” (It's not true---It’s a scam!)

Fact: Insurance scams are real and they happen even to the best of us. Scams like hood jumping (intentionally walking in front of, or sliding over the hood to simulate a hit), crash for cash (speeding in front of you car then brake-checking to simulate you hitting them from behind), and bogus car repair shop charges (the “victim” or a bystander or onlooker suggesting a repair shop to lessen repair expense or for ease of insurance claims), are just three of the many car insurance scams that occur every single day.

Fact: There are a lot of scammers and professional frauds preying on innocent and unsuspecting drivers (and insurance providers). Because they heard through words of warning or have experienced being scammed themselves, many drivers are reluctant to apply for car insurance.

Fact: There are many legitimate auto insurance providers providing coverage and services to Filipino drivers who are genuinely interested in getting auto insurance, like Assurance.Ph. However, interested drivers and car owners like you should reach out to these legitimate insurance advisors and agents to get to know them and to ask the questions that have been bugging you  (and to put your mind at ease). Do note that car insurance providers are regulated by the Insurance Commission. If you have any doubts, it is quite easy to reach out to the commission and ask them for validation and clarification. The commission is very customer-centric and is very strict with overseeing the providers in the industry.

Perception is a very real factor in buying behavior and if you want to change your perception of car insurance, learning and getting the right information will help you make a better and more educated decision.

#3 “It’s too complicated; there’s just too much involved in getting car insurance.”

We all love shortcuts, but getting car insurance is one of those times when you don’t want to take the fast and easy route. Just as the reason #2 can easily happen, getting something that’s truly worthwhile won’t be as easy as 1-2-3.

But that’s not saying applying for a policy is just a complete and utter waste of your time and effort. The benefits truly outweigh the amount of work: peace of mind, ease of financial burden, and more.

Here’s a tip: pick a financial advisor (and insurance provider) who is transparent with you and lays out everything on the table—the premium payment prices, coverages, etc. Expect to kill some time—it will be worth it.

#4 “I’m a safe driver naman so I don’t need car insurance. Bahala na.”

As illogical as it may seem, many Filipinos subscribe to an invincibility complex called “bahala na” to the point of, well, fatalism. It’s that attitude that many Filipinos take that keeps them from getting auto insurance. Many go on thinking that because they are safe drivers, an accident or an untoward incident will never befall them.

Unfortunately, just because you’re a safe driver doesn’t mean you’re never going to get into a car accident. While safe (or defensive) driving is important it doesn’t exempt you from uncertainties and sudden accidents on the road. If you get into a car accident, you can not excuse yourself by saying you’re a safe driver.

Also, car accidents aren’t the only incidents that can cause damage to your vehicle. You can get protection for your vehicle even when you’re not driving it. If your car is vandalized, or your windshield is broken during a typhoon (by flying galvanized roofing) or worse, get your car flooded, you don’t have to make out-of-pocket payments on damages: your insurance will cover it for you.

When you’re faced with thousands of pesos in damages, saying “bahala na” just won’t cut it.

Get Covered for the Right Reasons: Protecting YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

No matter the reason, the reality of the road is this: Anything can happen at any given time, and no matter how good or experienced you are, uncertainties are always there. Car insurance is an added cost upfront but it is financial protection that covers you from losing hard-earned money (worse, even your retirement savings) because of an unexpected road accident.

Getting your vehicle insured means securing your assets and properties, and yourself and your family from financial loss when the unexpected happens. It’s not finding the right reason not to get car insurance—it’s getting the coverage that’s right for you and your car.

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