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Transfer of ownership

Steps On How To
Transfer Ownership Of Your Car

Buying a second-hand car does not stop with the seller receiving your payment for their previously owned car. Yes, you already have the key and the car but there is one more thing you have to take care of: transfer of ownership. This is an important procedure as it will inform the LTO that the car has been sold and you are the new owner. It also relieves the seller of any responsibility with the car. 


While there is no law in the Philippines stating who is responsible for the transfer , it is a common practice for the seller to shoulder the transfer of ownership. If you have plans to sell a car in the near future, Transfer of ownership should be one of the very things you need to accomplish after buying a second-hand car. In general, you cannot drive a car that is not registered under your name. 


By transferring ownership, you free the original owner from any liabilities if something happens to the car. If the second hand car sold was not transferred, the original owner will still be held responsible for accidents, traffic tickets, and others. Worse, if the car was used in a crime, the name on the certificate registration will be the one who will be in trouble. 


In this article, you will be guided on the steps on how to transfer ownership of a vehicle. 


Here is a summary of what you need for transfer of ownership:


  • Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection Report 
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover
  • Certificate of Emission Compliance, if for renewal 
  • Photocopy of valid ID’s of original and new owner
  • LTO Certificate of Registration 
  • Notarized Deed of Sale/Transfer/Conveyance

Pre-Transfer Requirements

Prior to the transfer of ownership, you need to complete the following requirements: 


  1. Deed of Sale With Assumption of Car Mortgage


The deed of sale is a proof that a sale has been made between two parties. This document contains the date of sale, serial/chassis number, engine number, price of the vehicle, and address. A deed of sale also contains the odometer mileage reading at the time of sale, buyer’s name, and should indicate the vehicle’s body type, make, model, and color. The deed of sale should be signed by both parties and notarized by an attorney. A notarized deed of sale usually costs P450. 


  1. Release of Chattel Mortgage


If the car is encumbered, you need to secure a release of chattel mortgage from the Registry of Deeds. You will need two valid ID’s and pay the bank processing fee of P50 and chattel mortgage processing fee of around P980.


  1. Get A Clearance from the PNP-HPG


Part of transferring ownership is getting a motor vehicle clearance certificate from the Philippine National Police – Highway Patrol Group. This certificate is an official document that the vehicle is not in the list of wanted or stolen vehicles as of the issue date. Before issuing the certificate, a representative from the HPG will verify your engine and chassis number through stenciling or macro-etching. Using a paint remover, stenciling will check the validity of the numbers and that it is not tampered with. The clearance is valid for seven working days only so make sure to file a transfer of ownership within the validity period. You can pay the fee at the nearest Landbank branch. 


  1. A Copy of Your Most Recent Official Receipt of Payment for MVUC


You can pay and obtain your Motor Vehicle User’s Charge from the LTO. This will depend on the total of gross weight of the car being transferred. For light vehicles with a gross weight of up to 1,600 kilos, the fee is P1,600. The heavier the car, the higher the MVUC fee. 


  1. Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance 


This is a mandatory requirement as it will protect you from liabilities due to damage, bodily injury, or death caused by the vehicle. Your coverage can go as low as P610 depending on the make and model of the vehicle you are applying for. 


  1. Secretary’s Certificate 


If the vehicle to be transferred is owned by a company, you will need to secure a secretary’s certificate. You will need to pay the MVUC and the appropriate transfer fee from the LTO. Once you have secured a copy, have it notarized. 

Let Assurance PH Handle The Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of ownership can be a long and tedious process. It involves a lot of paperwork on your part. It can also eat up your time. Moving back and forth to the different agencies can be cumbersome. But you don’t have to go through all these processes because Assurance.PH can handle the transfer of ownership for you. 

For a fee of P17,500, we will do the leg work for you. Our transfer of ownership service is on a non-appearance basis and covers emission tests and is available nationwide. Here’s how the process goes: 

Submit the following original documents: 

    1. OR/CR 
    2. Cancellation of chattel mortgage
    3. Certificate of sale from bank 
    4.  PNP-HPG (our partner will secure this document)
    5. Stencil (to be secured and attached by our partner)
    6. Deed of sale 
    7. Certificate of sale 
    8. Valid ID’s of seller and buyer – with 3 specimen signatures
    9. Secretary certificate (if vehicle is registered under a company)

Once the documents are complete, send to the address below: 

Assurance.PH Optis Warehouse 

Blk 3 PCN-04-003404 cor. C. Delos Reyes Ave

Gateway Business Park 

Brgy. Javalera. General Trias, Cavite 


*Provide a screenshot of courier bill of landing and send via Viber or email 

  1. Send payments to Qmarketz Corporation through our bank accounts: 
    1. BDO Acct# 0020-7801-3299
    2. BPI Acct# 4441-0047-67

Official receipts are issued by LTO and other entities

  1. Wait for 30 days for the completion of transfer of ownership 

Assurance.PH can also handle renewal of registration and cancellation of encumbrance. For P20,000, you can avail of a bundled package of all three services. For more information about our document services, you can get in touch with Claudine Mayer (09157052031), Fritzie Salazar (09052050402), and Aileen Atienza (09563029631)

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