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5 Reasons You Need Truck Protect Insurance

Being a truck driver is a risky profession. You do not only need to yourself but other pedestrians, and other vehicles as well. Trucks have a lot of blind spots that other drivers cannot see.  According to the 2019 Metro Manila Development Authority Accident Reporting and Analysis System, truck accidents comprise 15.33% of total road accidents with 9 deaths in the country worldwide that year. 

   Truck accidents are one of the most fatal often leading to serious injuries or death. If you get involved in a truck accident, you may not have the financial resources to cover any damages or injuries out of your pocket. For this reason, you need an insurance policy from Assurance.PH to provide you with the financial protection you need for unforeseen emergencies like accidents. Aside from the financial protection.

What You Get From Assurance.PH
Truck Insurance

Here are the benefits of buying a truck insurance policy from Assurance.PH:

1. You May Experience A Serious Partial Loss
In the event of accidents resulting in serious damage to your truck, you may not have the ready cash you need for repairs. The accident could be the fault of your authorized driver or a third party. An Assurance.PH policy will cover this under “Own Damage".
2. You May Experience A Total Loss
In case of an accident resulting in serious damage to your truck, with repair costs almost the same as the cost of a similar vehicle, you or your company may not have enough cash to replace your truck. An Assurance.PH truck insurance policy will provide the funds under “Own Damage” rider.
3. You May Be A Victim of Carnapping, Carjacking, and Theft
In case your truck is carnapped or carjacked or if some parts were stolen, you may not have enough money for the replacement of your vehicle or stolen parts. Assurance.PH will cover this under “Theft".
4. You May Cause Injury To Other People
In the event that the truck driver causes an accident resulting to injuries to pedestrians, other drivers, and passengers of other vehicles, you may not have the financial capacity and resources to pay for the financial, professional and legal resources to cover for the cost of injury. Assurance.PH will pay for the cost of third party liability and excess bodily injuries.
5. You May Cause Damage To Other Vehicles And Properties
Should the truck driver cause a vehicular accident that results to damage of other vehicles and stationary properties, you may not have the financial, professional, and legal resources to shoulder damages and expenses At Assurance.PH, we will make sure that you are covered under the “Voluntary Third Party Property Damage (VTPPD)".
1. Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)
CTPL is required by law upon vehicle registration. It protects you from liabilities due to death and bodily injuries caused to a third party. Assurance.PH will settle a valid claim of up to P100,000.
2. Own Damage/Theft
This policy provides protection from accidental collision, overturning, falling, fire, and malicious acts of a third party on your truck. We will settle a valid claim up to the Sum Insured.
3. Excess Bodily Injury
It acts to supplement your CTPL insurance by covering legal liabilities resulting from bodily injuries and/or death caused to a third party in case of an accident arising from the use of your truck. Assurance.PH will settle for a valid claim of up to P200,000 over and above the P100,000 covered by your CTPL insurance.
4. Voluntary Third Party Property Damage
This provides protection against liability for damage caused by your vehicle to a property owned by a third party. Assurance.PH will settle a valid claim of up to P200,000.
5. Personal Accident Rider
This type of policy provides personal accident medical reimbursement to the truck driver and their passengers while boarding, alighting, and riding on your vehicle. It provides protection for your family against vehicle-related incidents. Assurance.PH will settle a valid claim of up to P25,000 per person, up to three persons.
6. Acts of Nature
Acts of Nature insurance protects you for loss or damage to your vehicle, its accessories, and spare parts caused by an earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, lightning, fire, and/or other convulsions of nature. Assurance.PH will settle for a valid claim up to Sum Insured.
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