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Give Your Family Vital Cover During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest health and economic challenges that the Philippines has faced in the last few years.  It has resulted in businesses closing and laying off employees. The pandemic has also claimed the lives of millions of Filipinos especially those who have a weak immune system.

Getting sick due to COVID-19 can be costly for the infected and their family. The medical expenses can pile up reaching up to millions of pesos in hospital bills alone. Without the necessary protection, it could drain whatever money is left in your savings account.  More than anything else, your health and well-being and that of your family should be your priority. Assurance PH offers you the protection that you need during the pandemic with Vital Cover.

What is Vital Cover?

Vital Cover is a 5-in-1 insurance plan from Assurance PH that offers cash assistance for confinement and loss of life due to COVID-19. The package includes loss of life cash assistance due to COVID-19, daily hospital income benefit, accidental death, loss of life cash assistance due to dengue and chikungunya, and medical reimbursement for accidental injuries.Vital Cover offers cash assistance from P130 to as high as P1,470 for ages 1 – 64 years old and P195 to P2,250 for 65 – 75 years old depending on the plan availed. It gives individuals the option to pay the plan annually or semi-annually. 

  • Loss of Life due to COVID-19.  With this package, the patient gets lump sum cash assistance following death due to COVID-19 infection. 
  • Daily Hospital Income Benefit.  Fixed daily cash benefit for every day of hospital confinement due to COVID-19 for a maximum of 14 days. 
  • Accidental Death.  Loss of life arising from an accident, sudden and unforeseen violent event resulting to bodily injury or loss of life. 
  • Medical Reimbursement. Provides reimbursement for actual expenses irrecoverable from other means for the treatment of injuries sustained in an accident. 

Loss of Life Due to Dengue and Chikunguya. Lump sum cash assistance of up to P150,000


To be covered by Vital Cover, the insured must meet the following requirements:

The contraction must be medically diagnosed during the policy or within the reporting period
Contracted after 14 days from the effectivity of and within the period of endorsement

For loss of life due to dengue and chikungunya, the following conditions should be met:

Medically diagnosed by a licensed physician
Confirmed through medical procedures administered in a hospital
Contracted after 15 days from the effectivity of endorsement
Contracted beyond a separation period of 90 days between the most recent clinical diagnosis of dengue and chikungunya and the current medical confirmation of such illness

What is Excluded from the Coverage?

The following are the exclusions of Vital Cover:

Healthcare workers and nursing professionals
Infection was not medically diagnosed by a licensed physician
Claim for cash assistance is not medically supported
COVID-19 infection was contracted within the 14-day waiting period
Illness was manifested and/or treated outside the Philippines

For dengue & chikungunya:

Dengue & Chikungunya contracted within the 15 day waiting period
Any accidental injury, sickness other than dengue & chikungunya
Not supported by medical tests
Healthcare workers & nursing professionals

Even with the pandemic, life must go on. You still need to work to earn an income and feed your family. But with the Omicron variant out there and the Department of Health registering record highs as far as the number of daily confirmed cases is concerned,  it is understandable to get distracted and worry about what the future awaits.  While we are hoping that COVID-19 does not get to you, it is better to be prepared than lose your loved ones without a fight. 

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