April 30, 2021

What not to do when you get into an accident

There will surely be a lot of things that will run through your mind in the event of an accident. Make sure that you avoid doing the things here!

What not to do when you get into an accident

Road Rage/Don’t lose your cool

A bad temperament doesn’t help in resolving the current situation. Maintain composure when talking with the other party as it helps in reaching a resolution quickly and peacefully

Don’t drive away from an accident

Resorting to Hit and Run helps no one. Avoid moving the car immediately after the accident, the position of the vehicle before the accident will help in creating an accurate incident report for the accident

Don’t apologize

Apologizing implies that you were the cause of the accident and admitting that you are guilty. Exploitative drivers will take advantage of your apology to their advantage to ensure that they get your hard-earned money from you.

Don’t take the other party's word for it.

Make sure that you are able to document admission of mistakes by the other party in writing as they won’t be able to disprove it when they have their signature to back up the admission. When the other party only iterates it verbally, it can still be disproved.

Don’t force insurance details from others

Drivers can refuse to reveal their insurance information if they felt like it. It would be recommended that an enforcer can witness the refusal as it would help in detailing the police report.

Rely on your info you gathered, not police report

The officer in charge may possibly make some errors while transcribing the details of the accident. It’s better to rely on the information that you gathered as a backup if the police report fails to show the details of the accident.

If you have no experience, don’t do it alone.

If it’s your first time getting into an accident, you can call your close family and friends to help you during this time. They will be helpful in helping you navigate through the inconvenience of being in an accident and will help you maintain composure too.

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